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[Escape Game :Tiny Room Collection]

★ 7.28,2021
Do not be fooled.
Beware of scams using the name of STUDIO WAKABA.
We have no affiliation agreements with any company in the world.
★ 9.3,2020 
Beware of scams using the name of STUDIO WAKABA.
STUDIO WAKABA does not have a staff member named Mariko Hajime.
We do not publish the name of the member publicly.
★ 7.1,2020
我们已经在iOS上删除了STUDIO WAKABA的应用,该应用使用的是中国大陆的计费系统。
你仍然可以像以前一样玩Google Play。
★ 5.25,2018
We are terribly sorry, but our Apps has been suspended delivery to countries where GDPR is applied.


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Sept. 17,2021

Tiny Room Collection

Jun. 7,2017 July  1,2017 Aug. 11,2017 Sept. 27,2017
Episode 1
Episode 2
My favorite getaway
Episode 3
The room
where small bird visit
Episode 4
Oct. 22,2017 Dec. 22,2017 Mar. 8,2018 May.13,2018
Episode 5
Trick or Treat
Episode 6
Robotics Institute
Episode 7
Snow globe and Snowscape
Episode 8
Opening day of a fresh baker’s
july12,2018 Oct. 8,2018 Dec. 12,2018 Feb. 22,2019
Episode 9
The starry night and fireflies
Episode 10
Dragon and Wizard’s Tower
Episode 11
Old clock and sweets’ parlor
My favorite getaway
Apr. 12,2019 Jun. 18,2019 Sept. 5,2019 Nor. 18,2019
Episode 13
Sakura fall in the last snow
Episode 14
Starry Sky
Episode 15
Haunted House
Episode 16
Jan. 22,2020 Apr. 21,2020 Jun. 18,2020 Sept. 9,2020
Episode 17
Lodges & Dwarfs
Episode 18
Chocolat Cafe
Episode 19
Hope Diamond
Episode 20
The Wizard’s Lair
Oct. 24,2020 Dec. 23,2020 May. 27,2021
Episode 21
Pumpkin Party
Episode 22
Bring happiness Pastry Shop

Episode 23
Let’s go! The Mysterious Island

Episode 24

Inari Shrine Village



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